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capellen music production (cmp)


Capellen Music Production (CMP) is an industry recognized Film and Pop Symphony Expert. It presents comprehensive solutions to any musical venture involving symphony orchestra and/or choir.

CMP services include:

Since 2006, CMP offers exclusive services of the world class Capellen Orchestra and Choir in its own recording venues.

To date, CMP has produced music for many film and record companies, incl. Warner Music, EMI Classic, Disney/Pixar, Maxis/Electronic Arts, Broadway Theatre, Garritan Corps., Magic Circle Music, Two Steps From Hell, Java Music Productions, among others, and its recordings are considered as state of the art within the industry.

Founder and President of Capellen Music Production is Czech conductor, orchestrator and music producer, Petr Pololanik.


Everything under one roof: with CMP, you can find every orchestral/choral service at one location – from audio/MIDI transcription, orchestration, symphonic arrangement and music preparation, to recording, live performance and original composition.

An “all inclusive” service: CMP offer all it’s clientele an exclusive,all-in service with no hidden or additional costs. Simply order our PLATINUM package from the CMP production chain and get all GOLD services included within the price structure! This way, music preparation, sound editing, orchestration, even arrangement can be available to your production absolutely free! For a more detailed breakdown, please check our production chain

World-class musicians: CMP hire musicians on a strict individual, ability proven basis; combining to produce the fully customizable Capellen Orchestra and Choir creates an ensemble of the finest performers in the country. But don’t take our word for it, visit Capellen Orchestra & Choir section and judge the quality for yourself!

Latest technologies: CMP utilizes a brand new, latest technology equipped, recording studio with a highly experienced recording team. For full specification, please visit our recording studios webpage!

Simple licensing: all CMP products/services come with complete buy-outs; this applies to not only the recordings, but also to compositions, orchestrations and performances...

Satisfaction guaranteed: we guarantee there are no other worldwide competitor available that can cater for such a diverse, all inclusive and cost effective service as CMP! If you have any reservations, we welcome you to ‘test’ any of our services without obligation, on mutually beneficial terms.