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Luxurious orchestral | choral recordings with ultimate, all-in services and buy-out royalties.

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For micro projects or promo purposes, consider our special program FIVE MINUTE SYMPHONY (5M)!


Q: How long is a recording session, and how many minutes can be recorded in a single hour?
A: The standard recording session consists of 4 hours of recording time with two, 20 minute breaks. In most cases you can expect to record around 5 minutes of music per performance hour, or 3-4 when overdubs. Therefore, in a single recording session, you can expect to record between 12 and 20 minutes at any one time. This figure does depend heavily on the complexity of the score and in the desired recording format.

Q: Is there a minimum order for my orchestral | choral recording?
A: Yes, the minimum order is one session, 4 hours. This way, you will receive a fully customizable orchestra | choir that will be able to record a designated amount of musical material within this time frame... However, for smaller projects and/or test recordings, please, consider our FIVE MINUTE SYMPHONY option.

Q: Are there any recommendations for my orchestral project - recording?
A: For film and pop symphony, where a lot of mixing is expected, it may be worth while considering to record each orchestral section/ choral element separately. Recording in this manner will enable a greater degree of creative input and control over the mix when incorporating non orchestral elements. The same applies to the percussion section, harp, keyboards and soloists. That said, when a classical style composition or fully orchestral soundtrack is to be recorded, where is no time or need to spend days and weeks on mixing, there is no better choice than to record the entire orchestra and/ or choir simultaneously. Both methods are of course of personal preference and CMP is more than happy to listen to your requirements and act accordingly.

Q: How to prepare source files?
A: To make the recording process as smooth and efficient as possible, please, provide us ASAP with followings:
1. Tempo maps (MIDI)
2. Clicktracks (should match MIDI; use non-pitched sounds with highlighted first beats)
3. Demo audio (should match with both clicktrack and MIDI)
4. Scores and parts (unless provided by CMP)
If the recording should start within the first two bars, please, insert two more free bars on the beginning (into both MIDI, clicktrack and demo).

Q: Can I oversee the orchestra | choir recording?
A: Absolutely! On request, we can either arrange a remote recording for you over internet or, if you prefer to attend your sessions in person, CMP will assist you with all your travel and accommodation needs. Don't miss your chance to record with CMP's renowned orchestra | choir in the most professional environment and for extremely friendly price!

Q: What about the costs?
A: If you wish to know more about our services and how our company may benefit your production then please contact us for a FREE quote. If you are in a position to, then please specify the following in your correspondence;
*The number of musicians you may require
*The amount of music to be performed/ recorded
In general, our costs are highly competitive and are usually only half (50%) of what you could expect to pay when recording in the US or UK. Further more, there is a number of services we actually provide for FREE, including music preparation, or even orchestration(!). Do you know any other company giving such value added services at no cost?

Q: Can you break down the cost for us?
A: Unlike our competitors, CMP do not retain a set fee when hiring instrumentalists. It is our aim to bring together not only an ensemble who are experienced in playing together, but base our "hiring" decisions on a far more personal and independent basis. This way, we guarantee to utilize the very finest performers in the country and take great care in selecting instrumentalists best suited to your specific recording needs. If we feel your production would benefit from a more specialized and personal performance "touch" - (i.e. a performer of rare and unusual instruments), then CMP are more than willing to extend our service and accommodate additional players from other countries (including world renowned and established soloists). Due to our clientele's requests being of a personal nature, so we feel it necessary to work in the same idealistic manner with those (players) giving your project a musical voice!

Q: What about "royalty payment"?
A: By default, our services come with BUY-OUT ROYALTIES. CMP will not charge you for later use, repeat performances, publishing, broadcasting etc.


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