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professional symphonic arrangement & orchestration
inclusive scores and parts engraving in print quality.

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Alternatively, you may want to consider our recording and original composition services, where both arrangement and orchestration can be available at no additional cost.

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Q: Is there any difference between orchestration and arrangement?
A: Orchestration is the process of scoring | producing music to a composer’s particular ‘brief’. Usually this entails quite a small amount of cooperative input between the composer and orchestrator.
Arrangement however is more open and allows for greater creativity in taking a personal perspective on a composers’ original work. There tends not to be an active collaboration when producing a new arrangement but in certain circumstances, the arranger may need the composers’ permission to proceed.

Q: What kind of source files are accepted?
A: For orchestration and arrangement, notated (*.sib | *.pdf etc.) or MIDI files tend to be the most ‘workable’. However, audio files or sheet music are also very much acceptable.
For original music composition, files and formats will derive from the customer’s specific demands. Additionally, incidental music, moving image and screenplays | scripts can be sent.

Q: May I have any observations to the process of orchestration | arrangement? How the final files will be delivered to me?
A: Sure, you are welcome to make any comments and observations (e.g. orchestra configuration, style, etc.) to the arrangements | orchestration worked. Finally, all the scores will be delivered to you for an approval, anyway. Once approved, final scores and parts will be sent to you electronically, as PDF files.

Q: What about "royalty payment" and credit?
A: By default, CMP services come with BUY-OUT ROYALTIES.
This means, we will not charge you for later use, repeat performances, publishing, broadcasting etc. Nevertheless, make sure, CMP has to get credit on booklets, movie titles, posters, articles etc. coming with music promotion.

Q: If I would later decide to record the arrangement | orchestration with CMP, will I be given some discount?
A: Sure! The price you paid for orchestration | arrangement will be deducted from our standard recording costs!


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