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By default, CMP uses two outstanding recording houses in Czech. Both have two independent scoring stages and control rooms with ability of simultaneous use. Whether there is a request for dry sound or decent reverbation, small group or largest symphonic ensemble, CMP has always the right solution at hand.


A brand new recording house located in Dolni Bojanovice (a small town in the famous viticulture area) close to the Slovak-Austrian borders (90km from Bratislava, 170km from Vienna). Suitable for up to 75piece ensemble. Natural dry acoustic.



The largest recording dedicated house in the Czech and one of the largest within Europe. Located in Brno (second biggest Czech city), our  large recording hall offers excellent natural reverberation and space able to accomodate 200+piece ensemble simultaneously. Recording equipment and sonic quality comparable to Abbey Road Studios, London.



Q: Can I ask for additional recording equipment, not available within your studios?
A: Our studios are already fine-tuned to offer best ballanced sound quality. However, if you insist on a special equipment, we dont have by default, we will do our best to rent it for you from our partners.

Q: Is there a way to record in concert Hall?
A: Sure. For more info, please, see section: Concert Halls


Medium Recording Studio - equipment list
Large Recording Studio - equipment list